What To Use For Baby Rash On Face

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What to use for baby rash on face is depend on what kind of rash baby has. Baby rash on face may caused by several reasons such as heat rash, baby acne, drool rash, or milk rash. Baby rash on face due to acne, occurs about two or three days after baby is born. The exact cause of the rash is unidentified but mother passes hormones before baby is born may cause the rash occurs.

What To Use For Baby Rash On Face Due To Baby Acne

What to use for baby rash on face due to baby acne is quite simple and most of acne rashes will soon go away on its own. For the first treatment for baby acne, you can use a mild soap. For baby whose skin is still delicate and sensitive you need to find product that contain no harsh chemicals substances and a gentle baby mild soap is one of the examples. Using the mild soap and lukewarm water, wash your baby’s face two or three times a day by rubbing it over with soft washcloth. Make sure the washcloth has been laundered in mild detergent too. After that air-dry the face or pat dry the face using another soft washcloth. Avoid rubbing the skin, as it will irritate the skin more. As soon as baby’s face dirty due to spitting up, do clean the face or it will be more irritated.

Mild Baby Soap For What To Use For Baby Rash On Face

Another tips what to use for baby rash on acne is using breast milk. For your information, breast milk is advantageous enough to cure baby rash since breast milk is a pure substances. You can put a little over of breast milk on baby’s face to help it healing the rash and this might the only natural way to help heal the rash. Gently rub a few drops of breast milk on the affected area so you will not irritate the skin. If the rash is persistent or prolonged you may need to see a pediatrician.

BreastMilk For What To Use For Baby Rash On Face

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