Various Baby Butt Rashes

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Baby butt rashes may occur due to various things. Since baby has not yet developed the immune system completely that rashes may occur as a reaction towards irritants, environmental factors, bacteria, allergen, infection and many other. Most of baby will have at least one kind of rash during the first year of life and it is quite normal.

Baby butt rashes that commonly found on baby are quite benign and eventually resolve on its own within a few weeks or days. Identify the rashes on baby butt will help you to determine what kind of rashes that your baby has.

Here are some of the causes of baby butt rashes:

Baby Butt RAshes Due To Allergy Sweat

Heat Rash. This is the most common rash example that your baby probably has on body, face, back, neck including baby’s butt. Baby that lives in a hot, humid environment or during hot weather is likely possible to develop heat rash on the butt. The other reason why rash on the butt occurs is due to overdressing, too tight diaper or snugly clothing that makes area around buttocks is warmer than usual. When the environment gets warmer than usual, the sweat glands produce lot of sweats. Since baby cannot control the body temperature, excessive sweats may block sweat glands and as result red, prickly rash or bumpy red rash occurs.Baby Butt RAshes Due To Heat Rash

Contact dermatitis. The rash occurs as skin in contact with agent of irritant or allergen. Diaper might be one of the causes, diaper that contains too much moisture or chemical substances that cause irritant to baby butt occurs. The other causes are baby’s products such as soap, to avoid the rash prefer herbal mild soap ones. Baby’s clothes that laundered with harsh detergent may cause the rash to occur too.Baby Butt RAshes due To Contact Dermatitis

Allergy to sweat. Some people may develop an allergy to their own sweat including baby. As hot, humid weather or baby is very active, it is possible that the rash occurs. This condition is also known as cholinergic urticaria, a condition of an allergic reaction towards their own sweat.

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