Viral Rash Baby Or Allergy?

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New parents might find it hard to differentiate viral rash baby and allergy since they have slightly different appearance although the causes of allergy and viral rash are different. Weather your baby has rash due to viral rash or allergy you need to make sure it through the identification and knowing the causes.

Here are some of the guides to determine viral rash baby or allergy.Allergy Or Viral Rash Baby

The first thing to determine the rash is through identification. Allergic reaction such as hives or urticaria is often characterized as red raised bumps with a variety of sizes. The bumps of the rash give an itchy sensation and might appear on any part of baby body. The smaller size of hives might unite together and makes large swollen affected areas of the skin. Meanwhile, the big one might move from one spot to another spot of the body within hours. When baby develops a bad allergic reaction, there are open sores found. You might recognize your baby develop rash due to allergic reaction within 48 hours after baby is exposed to an allergen.

Viral rash baby might occur once other symptoms are over, for example after the fever breaks or baby starts feeling better. Viral rash may give itchy sensation and may not.Is It Viral Rash Baby Or Allergy

The second thing to determine the rash caused by viral rash or allergy is through the causes. Allergic reaction is a condition when immune system reacts to particular substances that baby is sensitive to or called allergen. Once the body is in contact with allergen, body is naturally producing antibodies to fight this substance. The other time body is in contact with allergen, immune system releases histamine and initiate hives to occur. The common trigger of hives to occur is including detergents, fragrances, latex, foods, medications and many more.Viral Rash Baby Or Allergy On Body

Meanwhile, viral rash may occur due to several viruses such as human herpes virus 6 that causes roseola, varicella zoster virus causes chickenpox, human parvovirus B19 that causes fifth diseases and many more.

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