What Are The Causes Of Rash On Baby Legs?

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When your baby has rash on baby legs there are numerous possibilities of causes your baby might develop. The rash on legs may look scaly, red, bumpy and itchy. Most of new parents do not know what kind of rash they are dealing with, identifying and understanding what kind of rash are prominent to determine the best treatment to soothe and heal the rash.
Here are some common causes of rash on baby legs.
The first and the most common cause of rash on baby is miliaria or heat rash. Miliaria is likely to occur during the hot humid weather, the unusual warm condition makes baby sweat a lot. The excessive sweat causes the sweat glands become clogged. The rash is occasionally identified as small pink or clear bumps that resemble tiny blisters sometimes. The rash on legs due to miliaria is usually spotted in sweaty spots like the thighs or the top of the legs. It may appear under the diaper area too. Try to keep the area as cool as possible. Remove any cloth or dress baby in lightweight, breathable, and cotton cloth will help the rash to resolve.
Second cause of the rash on baby legs is yeast infection. Both baby boy and baby girl aged up to 15 months are susceptible to develop the rash on legs. The rash is occasionally found on baby moist spots of skin, such as diaper area. The other causes baby develops yeast infections is baby is on the course of taking antibiotics medical treatment or a breastfeed baby has it from mother who is on antibiotic. Antibiotic will finally kill good bacteria in the body that keep the growth of yeast. The rash may identified as intense red patches and small satellite pustules or papules beyond outside the main affected area. The rash is commonly spotted on the top of the thigh near the diaper area and the bottom especially skin under the diaper area. Apply antifungal yeast cream twice a day, make sure diaper area of affected area dry, and put diaper area a little loose will help the rash to resolve.

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