What Causes Baby Rash All Over The Body

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What causes baby rash all over the body might be due to various different things. Rash on infants are common and most of rashes found on infants are benign. However, rash that followed with other symptoms may indicates something serious that need further evaluation and examination. There are at least three common causes of rash found all over the body such as infections, allergic reactions, and other illnesses.What-Causes-Baby-Rash-All-Over-The-Body-Chickenpox

The first common factor what causes baby rash all over the body is infection. The rash caused by infections is often identified as flat, red and does not give itch sensation for example fifth disease caused by Parvovirus B19. Fifth disease is popular as slapped cheek since the rash occurs on cheeks as if they were slapped. The rash caused by fifth diseases is spreading to legs, arms, and chest too.What Causes Baby Rash All Over The Body, Slapped Cheek Syndrome

Although some rashes all over the body caused by infections does not give itch sensation, but varicella virus that causes chickenpox gives itchy sensation. The rash occurs as flat red bumps and then crusted over. The rash is initially spotted on the face and abdomen or back and then it spreads to all over the body. Measles and rubella also causes rash all over the body but thanks to vaccination, they are less common now.What Causes Baby Rash All Over The Body, Meningococcemia

What causes baby rash all over the body can be due to bacterial infections too. The rash caused by bacterial infections such as meningococcemia is rash that needs special attention. The infection that caused by the bacteria Neisseria meningitidis appears as a flat, purple in color that similar to bruises. The rash can be dangerous if it is not recognized and treated as soon as possible. Another example of bacterium causes rash all over the body is group A strep that causes strep throat or also known as scarlatina. The rash occurs as a raised, bumpy and it feels like sandpaper when you touch it.

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