What Causes Rashes On Babies?

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What causes rashes on babies? There are numerous factors baby develop rashes. Rashes on babies are quite common and most of them are harmless. The most common rash on babies is diaper rash. Diaper rash is a condition when skin on diaper area look paler or darker compared to the surrounding skin. Diaper rash often identified as bumpy, shiny, and blotchy rash that might look reddish and irritated too.

What causes rashes on babies especially diaper rash are varied including baby is left on for too long with wet and dirty diaper, here are some of the causes:What Causes Rashes On Babies, In Contact With Harsh Chemicals On Lotion Or Soap

Baby skin is in contact with irritating chemicals is one of the most common causes of diaper rash. Baby’s buttocks are no doubt very delicate and soft. Harsh chemicals that found in detergents, softener, fragrances, soaps, lotions and wipes might cause irritation to baby’s delicate skin. You need to avoid products that cause the rash especially when baby is sensitive to.What Causes Rashes On Babies, YEast Or BActerial Infcetions

Skin infections are also the cause of rashes on baby’s buttocks. The rash may look intense red, blisters, pus, red bumps found in the creases of the skin, and severely swollen red on the affected areas. Infections may occur as yeast or bacteria breeds on a dark, damp and moist environment of the skin, the wet and dirty diaper makes it possible for this condition to happen.

What Causes Rashes On Babies, Allergic Reaction

Allergic reaction is the most common cause of what causes rashes on babies. Baby occasionally develops allergy to diaper elastic chemicals. The allergic reaction is shown with the appearance of linear, red rash that found across baby belly and also in the skin creases. This condition often occurs as some babies are sensitive to the material of disposable diaper elastic. Although it is rarely seen, but cloth diaper might cause the rash too since the cloth diaper is laundered with harsh detergent or fabric softener. You might need to change to different brand of diapers or launder the cloth diaper with mild detergent and or mild softener. If the condition retains, you need to consult with doctor.

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