What Make Baby Head Rash Occurs?

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Rash is commonly found on baby at any part of baby’s body including baby head rash. As many other rashes, the rash found on baby’s head caused by several of factors. Although you might consider the rash as blemishes, the rash on baby’s head is quite harmless and will fade away over time.What Make Baby Head Rash Occurs, Heat Rash

Baby head rash may appear as baby develops heat rash on baby’s head. Heat rash may affect any people at all age but it is common in babies. Heat rash caused by overheating due to hot, humid weather, warmer environment, too tight clothing or overdressing. The rash is often identified as skin eruption of little bumps or small blister on baby’s skin surface including the area under the dress, baby’s folds of skin, or even on baby’s head when baby’s head is covered with hat. Heat rash may not a serious skin condition, but overheating in baby may lead to other problems such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke.What Make Baby Head Rash Occurs

The other cause of baby head rash is cradle cap or the medical term for it is seborrheic dermatitis. The exact cause of cradle cap is still unknown. However, baby received hormones from his mother at the end semester of pregnancy that over-stimulate the producing of baby’s oil glands may cause the skin condition called cradle cap. The other cause is the irritation caused by yeasts that live in the sebum. The cradle cap often occurs as flaky, dry skin similar to dandruff. The rash may also occurs as a thick, oily, scaly in yellowish or brown color or appears as crusting patches. You might spot is started to appear few months after baby is born, although you do not apply any treatment the rash may resolve on its own within months or longer for some babies. The rash is not only spotted on baby’s scalp but may also appear around baby’s ear, eyebrows, eyelids, his armpits and other creases.What Make Baby Head Rash Occurs, Cradle Cap

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