When You Should Worry About Rash On Baby?

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Rash on baby may look unsightly blemish that sometime cause worrisome to most new parents. Occasionally rash baby has will resolve on its own within days or weeks since the rash is usually benign and harmless. However, some rashes found baby may indicate something serious and need medical treatment. Through the identification, causes and symptoms you might know when to worry.

Rash On Baby Causes Baby cry In Pain

You may need to worry as your baby develop rash that associated with high fever, rashes that makes your baby cry in pain as you touch it, rashes that rapidly spread to parts of body, rashes that strike on a very young baby, rashes that cause your baby dizzy or faint, rashes that cause breathing difficulties, rashes that suddenly break after baby consumed a new food or medication.Rash On Baby Due To Erythema Multiforme

Rash on baby occasionally will eventually fade away with home treatment. Choose for home treatment only when your baby has signs of these rashes such as milia, erythema toxicum, baby acne, prickly heat or heat rash, erythema multiforme, and keratosis pilaris. For slapped cheek syndrome or fifth disease and hand, foot and mouth disease you may need to see baby pediatrician if you have performed the home treatment but your baby has a high temperature.

For other rash on baby such as nappy rash, chronic nappy rash, ringworm, hives, eczema and impetigo you might opt to see pharmacist, health visitor or pediatrician to examine the rash and stand what kind of best treatment to heal it.Rash On Baby Due To Meningococcus Infection

Above all, rash caused by meningococcus infection is the most worrisome since it can kill baby within hours. The rash caused by the infection is a rapid spreading rash that turns into bruises with purple in color. The infection is also followed with a high fever. Toxic shock and herpes are the next worrisome caused of rash you need to concern about.

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