Why Do Babies Get Diaper Rash: Common Conditions

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Why do babies get diaper rash is often associated with a repeated and prolonged exposure of baby’s skin under diaper with wet and dirty diaper. Baby is susceptible and will be still susceptible to develop the rash if baby wears diaper. In addition there are certain conditions that repeatedly consider as the big contributors for baby to develop diaper rash including the closed environment caused by diaper, chafing from rubbing and friction, repeated exposure between the skin with urine, feces and or both for a long time.

Why Do Babies Get Diaper Rash, Snugly Fitted Diaper

The first common conditions why do babies get diaper rash is a closed environment caused by diaper. As mentioned earlier baby is tend to get diaper rash as baby still wears diaper and the when the diaper is wore snuggly fitted, it creates such condition that only a little air can reach baby’s diaper area. As a result baby’s skin under diaper is warmer, moister and has higher pH which is good for bacteria to live in. The excessive moisture caused by this condition makes the irritant easy to penetrate and makes the skin vulnerable to develop swelling.Why Do Babies Get Diaper Rash, Chafing

The second reason why do babies get diaper rash is due to chafing from rubbing and friction. Rubbing and friction makes the barrier of the skin becomes weak. As mentioned above, the skin under diaper area is moisture than usual that caused it more vulnerable to friction compared to dry skin. Repeated friction between skin and diaper, folds of skin and creases, and frequent wiping and cleaning in diaper area can cause the skin is easily penetrated by irritant substances.Why Do Babies Get Diaper Rash, Ammonia And Stool Enzyme

Ammonia released by urine and enzyme in feces are the most common irritant substances that cause rash on diaper area. Both of substances make the skin pH rises or become basic or alkaline and make the stool enzymes more active than before. Those factors area are enough to damage the tissue or skin and cause diaper rash to occur.

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