Why Do Babies Get Rashes In The First Few Months

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Newborn babies are often prone to get rashes but why do babies get rashes in the first few months? Baby especially newborns has not yet develop the immune system completely, whereas baby should adapt to a new environment. The rash occurs during the initial period of baby’s is quite normal and most of rashes during that time is usually harmless.Why Do Babies Get Rashes, Cradle CAp

Why do babies get rashes in the first few months may due to several of causes. The first causes is baby has cradle cap. Cradle cap is a skin condition when baby’s skin looked greasy, yellowish crust that spotted on the scalp. The other identification is a red rash that cause irritation spotted on the face, behind ears, on the neck and in the armpits.Why Do Babies Get Rashes, Eczema

The second cause why do babies get rashes in the first few months is eczema. The rash is often identified as red, itchy patches of skin that occurs on baby’s face, chest, arms, legs, elbows and behind the knees. It is hard to tell why eczema occurs but some factors including dry, sensitive skin and usually allergies can cause the eczema to occur. One’s might need to perform home remedies other than prescribed medication to treat eczema such as using a very mild soap, using mild detergent and avoid fabric softener, using recommended moisturizers as baby’s skin due to eczema is usually dry, and in severe case a steroid cream is needed.Why Do Babies Get Rashes, Prickly Heat

Prickly heat or heat rash is often described as red bumps that appear on the areas that baby’s body tends to sweat and overheat such as armpit, folds of skin, neck, and diaper area. You can help baby to heal and prevent the rash get worse by keeping the area dry, go to a cooler place like stays in shade or a room with fan or air-conditioning and dress baby in loose-fitting clothing.

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