The BumbleBee Smart Store - features of Climging furniture

Physical development is absolutely essential for every person. Children especially need to develop their motor skills and gain strength through active play. The youngest children need constant supervision. For them, it is necessary to ensure that they are safe and that the entertainment program is organized correctly, so that growth goes well and the game is not only fun but also useful.

A unique range of toys made of natural materials from the manufacturer "BumbleBee Smart" may be an excellent option for young children aged from 6 months to 5 years. In the company online shop, it is possible to choose quality products for entertainment and personal improvement of a child. An online shop of the store offers a wide range of various types of Climbing furniture. You may also order it customized: change the color, the shape and mix it all together. The wide price segment makes it possible to buy a toy even if the budget is low. The manufacturer also offers delivery of the products.


Positive features of toys from BumbleBee Smart

Products of this manufacturer have already received a large amount of positive feedback from customers in more than 20 countries. They are famous of their very lean and loyal delivery, which is worldwide, by the way.

Emmi Pikler is a Hungarian pediatrician. She used to work as a doctor during the Second World war, but afterwards she started running an orphan house in Budapest. She raised all kids on her own method and succeed very much. Americans took her way of growing up and got very interested in her principles. Thanks to Magda Gerber, one of her students, who brought her method westward. She became famous as one of the smartest woman with her principles of kids education.

BumbleBee Smart has expanded the classic Pikler Triangle into several more items:

  • Pikler Arch: and arch which is a half circled ladder and a swing if you turn it upside down.
  • Transformable climber: the name speaks for itself, a transformable item made for climbing, best for kids from 4 to 6 years old.
  • Ramps: these are double-sided items of Pikler furniture, one side is a ladder or a swing and the other one is a slide. But be careful and watch your child climb.
  • Pikler Cube: better working as an additional item, as ramps are, put all these items in set and enjoy your kids play and climb all the way around.

Pikler toys are designed based on observations of children over a long period of time. The products of this brand are safe and made of wood. The parts are securely fastened and made with the appropriate quality out of the best materials. The paint used for painting is non-toxic and highly durable. Climbing furniture is able to contribute to development of:

  • Physical strength;
  • Endurance;
  • Also some psychological qualities, such as courage.

BumbleBee Smart brand gaming equipment is easy to use, reliable and absolutely safe. These products can be extended with additional elements according to the user's needs. Toys are durable and do not lose their appearance for a long time. Thanks to sensory wall, physical activity becomes rational, safe and enjoyable. The toys of this series are equally well suited for girls and boys.


Ordering toys from BumbleBee Smart

The site is very easy to use. You may see lots of pictures, showing different positions of toys, its coloring and playing modes. Chose the color, the base and the ramp on your own. Customize your order as long as you need. The system will count on the delivery time and fee. We produce and sell for healthy growth and healthy development of a kid to not let us make some mistakes our mothers did not know simple because of the lack of information spread. We are trying and be the better parents and BumbleBee Smart helps us the best.

An online catalog is available for the customer on the "BumbleBee Smart" website. It is possible to make a purchase with delivery to many countries. The payment for the goods can be made in various ways. All the products offered are available for purchase and it is also possible to order a customized product. For more information, please contact us.