A Quick Guide To Identify Baby Neck Rash

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Identifying baby neck rash will help you to determine what next step you have to do to treat the rash. Baby tends to have rash during the first year of their life and mostly are harmless. However, the rash may improve and turn into a severe rash if it is not well-treated. Having enough knowledge about baby rash on neck will help you to do best effort to make baby happy again.

Baby NEck Rash Due To Hives

For the first type to identify baby neck rash, check whether or not the rash is raised. Rub over the rash using fingers to feel any bump. If there is a raised rash the first identification of this kind of rash is hives. Hives identified as small red bumps with large red swellings. It may indicate a kind of allergic reaction too. Measles or Roseola can have this kind of rash, the red bumps accompanied with high fever. If the rash is not bumpy but flat with smooth and even with the skin near the rash you may identify that as a birthmark. Birthmark occurs right after baby is born and may be blotchy.

Baby Neck Rash Due To Staphylococcus aureus Bacteria

Second, if your baby is reacting when you touch the rash check for any boil or furuncle. It may produce sore contained with pus as a result of a deep infection. Staphylococcus aureus bacteria can cause this kind of infection and you can treat it with antibiotics.

Baby Neck Rash May Be Accompanied With Other Symptoms

Baby neck rash may be accompanied with other symptoms such as itchiness. If the rash is itchy, the first possibility is chicken pox. Chicken pox appears as red itchy bumps and then become pustules and after that it will crust over. You might need to be cautious as the pustules are contagious. The other indication is poison ivy, the rash appears as red patches and itchy. If there is a pimple or prickle, the rash may due to heat rash or neonatal acne.

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