Rash Baby Face Due To Impetigo

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Rash baby face may occur due to varieties of skin conditions, one among the conditions is impetigo. Impetigo is a skin conditions where there is an infections caused by strep or staph bacteria. Bacteria may normally present on the skin, but the infections may penetrate through a broken skin due to small cut, scratch or insect bites. The condition may also affect a baby when baby has a direct contact with the sores of infected people or pets. Baby might also get impetigo when baby touch infected items such as toys, towels, sheets, or cRash Baby Face Due To Impetigo All Over Face lothes.

Rash baby face due to impetigo may initially appear near the nose or mouth if the cause is a strep infection of the nose. The rash is often characterized as small red bumps which in a short time turn into cloudy blisters, and then turn again into pimples and lastly change to sores. The sores occasionally appear in less than 1 inch in diameter, covered by a soft, homey colored scab, oozing blisters which occur after a cold, and may cause swollen lymph glands near the sores area. The sores are often spotted between the upper lip and nose, and then may appear anywhere on baby’s body as baby tends to scratch the blisters.

Rash baby face due to impetigo needs a proper treatment to help to heal the rash. The average Rash Baby Face Due To Impetigo Sores Found on Upper Lipstime of healing is one week but the blemishes caused by impetigo may last for 6 to 12 months. However, when your baby does not picks the repeatedly, the scars may not present. Since the sores are contagious you may keep away your baby from other children, avoid using the same towel or sheets or clothes with infected person, touch the same toys or items that have been touched by infected person. The sores are less contagious when you cover the sores or 24 hours after baby takes an antibiotic prescribed by pediatrician or other health providers.Rash Baby Face Due To Impetigo Is Contagious

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