Rash On My Baby Girl’s Genital Area

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Parents are commonly worry as they found rash on their baby and a question of what should I do with rash on my baby girl’s genital area is one of the most commonly asked by parents. Baby’s genital area rash may due to variety of skin condition. To determine what the best treatment to heal the rash, you need identify what kind of rash your baby girl’s genital area.Rash On My Baby Girl’s Genital Area, Diaper RAsh

The first common cause of rash on my baby girl’s genital area is diaper rash. Diaper rash occurs as baby is left with wet and dirty diaper for too long and several conditions such as diaper sensitivity, diaper chafing and many more may cause the rash to occur too. The diaper rash is commonly seen as red, itchy, scaly and may include blister and bumps.Rash On My Baby Girl’s Genital Area, Yeast Infection

When parents do not sure about diaper rash, they keep on asking what cause the rash on my baby girl’s genital area. The other common cause of the rash on genital area is yeast infection. If your baby is taking antibiotics recently, your baby may develop rash around genital area due to yeast infection. A breastfeed baby may develop yeast infection too if the mother is taking antibiotics. The rash on baby who has yeast infection is often identified as redness, swelling, and itchy rash.Rash On My Baby Girl’s Genital Area, Molluscum Contagiosum

The other possible cause of baby girl’s genital area rash is molluscum contagiosum. The rash as its name is contagious. It is a kind of viral infection occurs on the skin and cause the skin inflamed and itchy. The rash is often identified as firm, round bumps rash. As the rash gives the itchy sensation, baby tends to scratch the affected skin and cause the rash spread over to the other area of skin. Your baby may need further examination and diagnosis to determine the best treatment for your baby.

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