Red Rash On Baby’s Face: The Cause And How To Treat

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Red rash on baby’s face or other part of the body is something commonly found. Although not all babies have rash but as a parent, you might expect to see your baby has rash at least once in the early year of his/her life. The rash on baby’s face is caused by several reasons and most of it is harmless, if it needs treatment it probably a straightforward one. Here are some of the possibilities that commonly found on babies.

Red Rash On Baby's Face Is Common Thing
The first possibilities of red rash on baby’s face are heat rash. Heat rash is very common when weather is getting hot and humid. Besides face, heat rash strikes on neck, arms and chest. Stay in the shade or air conditioning room to prevent the rash to get worse. You may help a little bit by sponging the rash with the cool water. The next possibilities are newborn rash. There are at least three kinds of rash belong to newborn rash, the first one is erythema toxicum. It is a rash of red spots and blotch with white or yellow center. The second one is milia or rash with white bumps or pimples that commonly found on nose and chin. The last one is neonatal acne; this rash might appear as acne found on teen or adult. All these rashes typically go away in a few days.

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Red Rash On Baby's Face With Blotch
Besides those two, red rash on baby’s face might caused by milk rash. This rash occurs as an allergic reaction to milk proteins and usually go away on its own. If the rash still occurs and last than one month, you may consult your pediatrician. Changing the formula to soy formula or broken-down milk protein formula is one alternative. If you breastfed your baby you can change the diet and stop to consume milk products. Drool rash is the last possibilities why your baby has rash on the face. The excessive drool as the baby teething caused the rash all over the cheeks, chin and perhaps neck. Try to help your baby by frequently rinse the baby’s face and neck in morning and night with plain water.

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Red Rash On Baby's Face Due To Newborn Acne

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