Severe Baby Rash On Buttocks

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It is normal for a baby to have rash in his/her early life but what about severe baby rash. Is it normal for a baby to have it too? The most common rash that baby has is a rash on his/ her buttock, it is normally called diaper rash. Unlike a normal diaper rash that will go away in a few days, bad diaper rash does not want to go that easy.

Severe Baby Rash On Buttocks

The severe baby rash on buttocks looks like a normal red-diaper rash with blister and accompanied with burning sensation, which is very unpleasantly painful. A normal diaper rash will not make a baby cranky if you touch the buttocks, this severe rash might make your baby discomfort only with a gentle touch of the buttocks and skin area around them. Before you treat this diaper rash, you need to know the cause the rash occurs. Diaper rash occurs when the wet and dirty diaper in contact with the skin and when baby has diarrhea, it is getting worse. Pay attention when using the diaper, is it enough for air to regulate around the skin on diaper area or not. Too tight diaper will make baby sweat a lot and it is not good since yeast will grow easily.

Severe Baby Rash On Buttocks With Blister

The first step how to treat severe baby rash on buttocks is regularly changing the diaper and that means a lot of changing. When you need to clean the buttocks, use plain water and dry it with clean washcloth or cotton wool balls by patting it out. Irritated skin might makes skin sensitive than usual, so it wise if you minimize wiping the buttocks. Reduce the time skin spent in contact with diaper, so let air regulate at least 10 minutes after cleaning the buttocks. Petroleum jelly or zinc oxide-based cream will help to heal the rash, but you might need a consult from pediatrician if the rash is persistent or worsen.

Severe Baby Rash Cause A Burning Sensation

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