Symptoms Of Yeast Rash On Babies

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Your baby may develop yeast rash on babies due to several of factors. Yeast infections on babies are commonly found on baby’s diaper area and baby’s mouth where yeast, a type of fungus, lives on both places naturally. Diaper rash that caused by yeast infection is occasionally similar to other rash found on diaper area, however through the symptoms of the rash you may identified the rash due to common diaper rash or yeast infection.

Here are some of commonly found symptoms of yeast rash on babies found on diaper area:Symptoms Of Yeast Rash On Babies

The first symptoms your baby has yeast infection is subtle appearance of lesions after few days of diaper rash occurs. The rash is more defined and looks intense red. In addition, the tissues on bottom, including labia, vaginal opening, perineum, and rectum turn into bright red in baby girls. In baby boys, baby’s private area, scrotum, perineum and rectum will also develop redness. Other than that, small, raised bumps on the affected area may appear although in slight away.

The next symptoms of yeast rash on babies are skin scaling. When your baby suffers from yeast infectionon diaper area, the affected area of the skin and its surrounding may appear scaling. The affected skin may develop white patterns as if the skin is going to peel away.Symptoms Of Yeast Rash On Babies, Intense Red Lesions

When you treat common diaper rash with diaper cream, the rash will resolve within days. However, when your baby has yeast infection on diaper area, the rash may not response to the diaper cream. The rash that does not response to diaper cream may show that the skin condition is getting worse and may spread to the folds of skin between legs and the edge of diaper area, buttocks, and thighs too.Symptoms Of Yeast Rash On Babies, scaling

In more severe cases, it is reported that the yeast infection on diaper area appears as pimples, watery blisters, open wounds, large bumps or pus-filled sores. The rash needs medical treatment to battle the infections.

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