The Do’s And Don’ts Baby Heat Rash Remedies

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Baby heat rash remedies are occasionally simple and applicable at home. Heat rash is obviously a skin condition that commonly seen on babies, especially those who live in hot and humid weather. Heat rash on bay appears on baby’s part of body that are susceptible to sweating including neck, shoulders, trunk, diaper area, armpits, creases and folds of skin. Heat rash may also occur on face, forehead and head if baby’s head covered with hat or scarves.

Treating baby heat rash should be done carefully and meticulously to prevent secondary infections or problems. Here are some of the baby heat rash remedies any parents might need to perform.

The first and the most important step to take when baby develops heat rash is by taking her out from the heat source. Try to cool off the affected skin and reduce any sweating by taking baby near fans or staying in a room-conditioned room. Maintain the comfortable environment by stays in shade or on room with air conditioner or fans.Lukewarm Water Bathe As Baby Heat Rash Remedies

You can take off any clothes on, or if baby should wear something on, put on cool, breathable fabrics such as cotton and loose the clothes so the air will regulate freely.

Newborn baby usually takes a long sleep without waking, try to move baby to avoid the constant sweating on the same area.Take Off Clothes As Baby Heat Rash Remedies

Taking baby to have lukewarm water bath or sponge bath is also advantageous to relieve the itchiness and calm baby.Move Baby To Another Position While Sleeping As Baby Heat Rash Remedies

While you applying the baby heat rash remedies, you might need to avoid several things such as wearing polyester or nylon fabrics for a while, avoid covering the affected skin with heavy creams or ointments, do not let baby scratch the affected area although the rash cause a great discomfort, and do not stay in the heat or humidity source.

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