The Typical Baby Rashes On Face

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Baby rashes on face is often considered as an inflammation of the facial skin caused by infections, heat, allergies, medications or any other skin conditions. Viruses, bacteria and fungi may also contribute to cause the rash on face. The rashes on face are typically occurred as red patches, itching, blisters, drying along with burning sensation. Although the rashes cause such an awful look, the rashes are typically simple to be dealt with.

Here are some of the typical baby rashes on face that you might want to consider:

The first one is heat rash. This rash is the most common rash found on babies. The rash typically occurs on baby’s face, neck and body when the weather is getting hot and humid. The rash may cause a great discomfort as the rash is itchy and baby tends to scratch it. The repeated scratching may lead to secondary problems.

Eczema is another rashes on face that typically found on babies. Eczema is a kind of skin disorder that can cause inflammation and rash on the skin. The typical cause of eczema is including allergic reactions or over exposure to specific environmental agents. Eczema may cause dryness and swelling on the face and arms.The Typical Baby Rashes On Face, eczema

Contact dermatitis may cause the rash found on face, chest and any other part of body. The affected skin is exposed to certain agent of irritants or allergens as the skin is repeatedly in contact with one of the agents.The Typical Baby Rashes On Face, Contact Dermatitis

Infantile acne or newborn rash is also an example of baby rashes on face. The rash is an acne eruption found on baby face especially nose and cheeks. The rash may appear after the second or third day after baby is born. The rash although caused by mother hormonal changes during the final stage of pregnancy, but the hormones may clear up in few weeks or months as well as the rash.The Typical Baby Rashes On Face, Infatile Acne

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