Treating Diaper Rashes On Babies

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Diaper rashes on babies are the most common rashes found on baby. Diaper rash causes are varied and might be a persistent. Diaper rash may still occur no matter what prevention you have performed as the manifestation of the other condition such as diarrhea. The diaper rash which is chronic may a little bit difficult to be healed completely. However, you may still have a try below steps to help heal the rash.Treating Diaper Rashes On Babies
The first step treating diaper rashes on babies is visiting your baby pediatrician. Usually your baby is prescribed with antibiotic or steroid cream to treat certain type of chronic diaper rash. Along with the prescribed medication, you can treat chronic diaper rashes with a home treatment.Treating Diaper Rashes On Babies, Leave Baby Without Diaper
Treating diaper rashes on babies, which are chronic, might be started with applying the proper size of diaper for baby. Too tight diaper can chafe the sensitive skin of baby and irritate it. The condition makes the chronic rash is hard to heal. Limit the exposure of urine and feces by frequently change the diaper as soon as it wet or dirty. To clean the dirt of stool you can apply soft cotton balls and warm water to cleanse the area. Pat dries the skin using soft washcloth or let it air dry. Let baby has a diaper free time for about 5 to 10 minutes to let the affected skin has some air. It will reduce the exposure to wetness and bacteria that cause chronic diaper rashes.Treating Diaper Rashes On Babies, Use Mild Soap
Before put the new fresh diaper, use diaper rash ointment that acts as a barrier between urine and baby skin. Apply it generously where the rash seems to occur. When you bath your baby use only a mild baby soap one. Harsh soaps may irritate the affected skin. Bathe your baby once a day, to avoid dryness and cause the rash getting worse. However once you bathe your baby, make sure the affected skin is dry completely to help clear the rash.

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