Treatment For Baby Rash That Caused By Bacterial Infections

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When baby needs treatment for baby rash, the treatment is occasionally a simple one. Baby tends to develop rashes due to viral or bacterial causes or any other skin conditions. Most rashes will eventually resolve on its own although there is no treatment performed. However, for certain rash such as rash due to bacterial infections, the rash needs proper treatments.Anti Itch Treatment For Baby Rash That Caused By Bacterial Infections

Impetigo is one common rash found on babies that needs treatment for baby rash. Impetigo is caused by streptococcal or staphylococcal bacteria that commonly seen on around nose or mouth or any part of baby’s body. The rash may also the result of secondary infection in damaged skin due to insect bites, poison ivy, or eczema. The rash occasionally requires topical or oral antibiotics. The rash may give itchy sensation too and anti-itch medication might need to be applied. The rash will resolve within three to five days, if the rash does not resolve you need to visit doctor.Treatment For Baby Rash That Caused By Bacterial Infections, Oral Antibiotics

Scarlet fever is the next common rash caused by bacterial infections that requires treatment for baby rash. Scarlet fever is actually a strep throat along with rash caused by bacteria group A Streptococcus pyogenes. The infection begins with acute or mild sore throat along with moderate fever, headache, stomach pain, and lymph nodes around the neck. After the fever disappears, baby usually develops rash on the cheeks and entire body. The rash may cause the cheeks look as if the they were slapped, which is why the rash also known as slapped cheek. This infection can be very alarming since it may cause a rheumatic fever and may lead to a serious heart valves damage or long term heart disease. Scarlet fever is occasionally treated with antibiotics medication, which is a full course of antibiotics medication and no special treatment required for the rash although the rash has sandpaper like roughness found on body.Topical Antibiotic Treatment For Baby Rash That Caused By Bacterial Infections

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