Treatment For Rash On Face Baby Has Caused By Acne

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Rash on face baby has may cause by numerous of factors. The rash on baby face is commonly no big deal and may resolve within weeks. However, there is rash that may last for a months or two called baby acne. Baby acne is unpreventable as this rash is triggered by mother’s hormones that may be passed through baby in the final semester during pregnancy. You might see it as unsightly blemishes and you wish it to get rid of it.

Baby acne will resolve on its own although you does not apply any treatment, however to manage rash on face does not get worse and to get rid of it sooner, you might need apply treatment for rash on face baby. Here are some possible treatments to treat baby acne.Treatment For Rash On Face Baby Has Caused By Acne, Mild Soap

The first simple treatment to clear up baby acne is applying mild soap. Opt for a very much mild soap for baby that gentle for new baby skin, make sure there is no harsh chemicals or opt for a herbal soap one. Using the mild soap and warm water, you can wash baby face for two to three times a day. Be careful and gently rub the soap and the water over baby face, do not rub otherwise the skin will be more irritated.

The second simple treatment to get rid of rash on face baby is using breast milk. Breast milk is safe to put on baby’s face since it contains pure substances and seems the best natural way to treat the rash. Gently put a drop of breast milk over baby’s face to avoid any irritation.Treatment For Rash On Face Baby Has Caused By Acne, Breast Milk

If the rash on baby face is infected or persistent, you might need a medical advice. Your baby might need an over-the-counter cream that prescribed by pediatrician such as hydro cortisone cream or colloidal silver solution. The creams will work to kill bacteria that cause baby acne.Treatment For Rash On Face Baby Has Caused By Acne, Mild Soap, hydrocortisone cream

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