Types Of Rashes On Babies That Itch

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You may find a variety of types of rashes on babies. Babies are prone to develop a rash or two during the first year of baby’s life. As new parents, you should at least recognize what causes rash on your baby. Rash on babies is typically giving itchy sensation which cause a lot of discomfort and irritation to little one.

Here are some of types of rashes on babies that itch that commonly found on babies:Types Of Rashes On Babies That Itch, Baby Acne

Baby acne is commonly found rash that itch on babies. The rash occurs after baby is born or between 2 to 4 weeks after the birth. It looks like small white pimples and surrounded by red skin that you can found on baby’s chin, forehead, cheek, nose and any parts of baby’s face. The rash is harmless and soon will go away.

Next common rash that itch is scabies. It is a skin condition that gives itchy sensation to affected skin caused by mite known as Sarcoptes scabiei. Scabies is contagious and once the mites infected skin, it will soon spread over and multiply. Scabies is often causing redness and itching on affected skin.Types Of Rashes On Babies That Itch, Scabies

Poison ivy is the other types of rashes on babies that itch. Babies might develop allergic reaction as baby is in contact with poison ivy. The skin will look red, itchy with raised blisters. A prescribed cream might be needed to get rid of the symptom.Types Of Rashes On Babies That Itch, Hives

Urticaria or hives is also common rash found on babies. The rash is often identified as pink or red bumps that itch on the skin. Hives is highly associated with allergic reaction that baby has. The rash will continue in a few hours and when baby has this rash baby might develop an intense itchiness that cause baby to fuss. You need to take baby to doctor if your baby suffers from the rash.

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