Using Cornstarch For Baby Rash Treatment

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Using cornstarch for baby rash treatment is not a new method. Since a long time ago cornstarch has been applied to prevent or help to relieve rashes like diaper rash and any other rash on skin. People also use cornstarch as an alternative to talcum powder to relieve a mild skin irritation. It is also used to help to soothe chicken pox or poison ivy.

Using Cornstarch For Baby Rash Treatment

How to use cornstarch for baby rash treatment is relatively straightforward. You may need clean soft washcloths or cotton ball, mild baby soap, plain water, plain water in a squirted bottle (optional), soft cotton cloth (optional), diaper (optional), and cornstarch. To start the treatment, wash the affected area of the skin with water using soft washcloths or cotton balls. If the rash is severe, you may wash the skin using squirted bottle. Clean the area with mild soapand wipe it gently using washcloth so it will avoid any irritation to the skin. To prevent the rash, especially poison ivy rash, is spreading use cool water instead. After that you can rinse the skin with cool water and pat it dry or let it air dry.Cornstarch For Baby Rash Treatment

Next step of using cornstarch for baby rash as a treatment, after you dry or let the affected skin air-dried for a moment, you can apply the cornstarch by sprinkle it lightly on the affected area. After that cover the affected skin with cotton cloth or new clean dry diaper if you use it to treat diaper rash. Despite using cornstarch, you need to change diaper frequently to prevent any spreading rash on diaper rash.

Leaving Baby Without Diaper or Cornstarch for Baby Rash Treatment

If the diaper rash is caused by yeast infection, you cannot use cornstarch to treat the rash. The rash will be getting worse by cornstarch. That is why monitoring the development of the rash is needed, and make sure you note when the rash first occur, when you perform the treatment and the changes.

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