What Happen If Baby Has Baby Food Allergies Rash

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Baby food allergies rash may resembles any other rash that found on baby. When your baby has food allergies your baby body might consider the food like something to fight with and naturally launch immune-system to battle the food. The IgE antibody, a protein that able to detect the food, to detect the food that should be battle with and makes the immune system to launch histamines or substances that responsible to fight off the foods baby is allergic to.Rash Around Mouth When Baby Has Baby Food Allergies Rash

The histamines substances produce allergy symptoms including the baby food allergies rash that appear mild or severe. The usual symptoms when your baby has food allergy is hives, swelling and breathing difficulties several minutes to hours after baby consumes the foods baby are allergic to. Hives will appear as welts, reddish or even white, and can occur on any parts of the body including the face and tummy. Hives vary in shape, size and may cause itchiness although not all hives cause discomfort. For the severe cases, the symptoms can be more problematic and can be a life threatening.

Baby food allergies rash is commonly seen around the mouth. The rash that caused by allergic reaction and foods that contains irritant substances may look similar and found around the face. The actual rash due to food allergies is typically found on the face, look scaly and can be very itchy.Swelling Occurs If Baby Has Baby Food Allergies Rash

The symptoms of food allergies are varied including vomiting or diarrhea. Baby might develop symptoms that resemble eczema such as dryness, scaly patches on face, arms or legs. The reaction towards the foods baby might allergic to including rash sometimes not appear right after baby consumes the food. For example, baby is allergic to cow’s milk does not develop rash once she consumes it but after several times after baby consumes the cow’s milk. After all the rash and the reaction symptoms will be occurred.Vomiting May Occur When Baby Has Baby Food Allergies Rash

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