What Is Milk Allergy Rash Baby?

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Milk allergy rash baby may cause baby fussy and worrisome to most parents. Milk allergy although occurs on a person of any age, but baby is more susceptible to has the milk allergy. A milk allergy on baby occurs as baby immune system overreacts toward milk protein and sees it as something that body should fight off. As a result baby develops an allergic reaction. As a result baby is irritated and fussy since the reactions upset the stomach, itchy and cause other symptoms. When a baby is allergic to cow’s milk, baby might also allergic to goat’s milk and sheep’s milk. Some of babies are also allergic to protein in soy milk.What Is Milk Allergy Rash Baby

Milk allergy rash baby symptoms may occur after a baby is drinking or eating milk products. The symptoms are varied and differ from one baby to another baby. However the most common signs after few minutes or a few hours baby consumed the allergen are vomiting, hives and or wheezing.

The other signs and symptoms of a milk allergy on baby that might occur after some time are including diarrhea, loosing stool (that may contain blood), cramps on abdominal, coughing, watery eyes, runny nose,colic and milk allergy rash baby that can be very itchy is also found along with swollen, red scaly or bumpy rash. Milk Allergy Rash Baby All Over The Body

Usually to soothe the itchiness and irritation people use aloe vera gel, calendula cream or anti-itch lotion. To soothe the hives, you can apply a cool, wet soft washcloth that has been soaked in ice water or cold milk. Having bath in lukewarm water that added with baking soda or oatmeal will be good too. You need to consult with doctor about the allergy and doctor might prescribe what kind of milk that safe for your baby. It is good to see doctor during the allergic reaction occurs.Cow's Milk Allergy Rash Baby

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