What You Should To Know About Baby Heat Rash On Face

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Baby heat rash on face as well as on any other part of baby’s body is clearly a troublesome for both parents and baby. Baby’s skin is naturally delicate and sensitive thus a little change in the environment is enough to lead any skin problems. Babies who stay in hot, humid climate area or wrapped in heavy blankets or sweaters during winter is prone to get heat rash that appear as red rash with tiny bumps on particular area of baby’s body including baby’s face. The rash may give itchy and burning sensation or known as prickly heat.Baby Heat Rash On Face Can caused By Baby Rests The Face on Pillow For Too Long

Baby heat rash on face may occur as sweat glands pores are blocked. Small bumps as the manifestation of heat rash will accumulate and cause the surrounding area of the affected skin become reddish. Heat rash may appear on face and neck, the common area where baby rests head while sleeping on pillows. Heat rash may also occur on baby’s forehead and head as baby wears caps or scarves during winter.Severe Baby Heat Rash On Face

Mild baby heat rash requires only simple home remedies. For the first and most prominent step, you need to cool off baby. Take baby inside if you are outside or take her in shade. Take baby near fans or stay in air conditioning room. Help soothe the rash by applying baking soda solution. To make the solution, add one teaspoon of baking soda and a cup of cool water into a container, dip a cotton cloth in the solution and apply it on affected area for about 5 to 10 minutes for about five times a day until the rash resolves. Another method to soothe irritated skin is applying a thin layer of calamine lotion or Aloe vera gel. To unclog the blocked pores, you can try to apply salicylic acid pads on baby’s skin. Other options are antihistamine and hydro cortisone creams as suggested by baby’s doctor.Baby Heat Rash On Face Cause The Face Reddish

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